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7 Day Walking Croajingolong

Long sandy beaches - Croajingolong

View from Mt Everard

Humpback whale at Point Hicks

Climbing Genoa Peak

Gippsland Water Dragon

Thurra River estuary

Time for solitude and reflection

Coastal heathland walk

Escape and enjoy the peace of nature

Explore the Croajingolong Coast

Spring wildflowers

Wingan Inlet boardwalk

Australia’s Coastal Wilderness (M Cardoso)

Wingan Inlet beach walk

Graded: Moderate

Walks: Lots of moderate grade walks including half and full days of walking.   A reasonable level of fitness is required.  Some walks on minor sandy, uneven or rocky tracks with hills.

6 nights accommodation

Coastal Bushwalking

Croajingolong National Park, Pt Hicks, Wingan Inlet, Mallacoota, Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Landscape.

Educational discovery level: Moderate

Croajingolong National Park in far East Gippsland, with it’s magnificent wilderness coastline is a perfect location for a walking holiday. This is a place of hidden secrets, where you are likely to find beaches where the only footprints in the sand are yours. With a local guide you will make lots of wonderful discoveries, learn about wildlife, the coastal environment and hear some great stories about the history.
Walking opportunities abound and we will take full advantage of these with our days filled with either a combination of shorter walks in succession or a full day walk.  The walks are graded moderate so it is expected that you will be reasonably fit.

Enjoy guided walks that take you along sandy beaches and through peaceful foothill forests with banksias and birds, then up small peaks to superb views over the coastal plains.  Don’t hurry though, pause for a moment to sit and enjoy still inlets with perfect reflections, to appreciate wildlife and spring wildflowers or to breathe in the peace and tranquillity.

Spring is the peak season for wildflowers, with flowering shrubs along the roadsides and smaller ones at your feet.  At this time of year Humpback whales are making their annual journey south and the cottage verandah at Pt Hicks Lighthouse is a perfect place to sit with a drink at the end of the day, watching out to sea for a sighting of passing whales

Three nights are spent in historic lighthouse keepers cottages at Point Hicks Lighthouse boasting superb ocean views and a fascinating history. The other three nights are in self contained guesthouse accommodation overlooking the river at Gipsy Point near Mallacoota.  In addition we explore around  Thurra River and Wingan Inlet.

Enjoy lots of good walks and at the end of each day, good conversation, delightful accommodation and a meal that appears before you like magic.  Now that’s a walking holiday!

Maximum of 10 participants

October 8, 2018

7 Days ex. Bairnsdale $3660

Contact us  for more details and itinerary or to reserve a place.

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Stories & poems

Concert on Mt Everard
By A Pickles (Sydney)

It was the third morning of the Walking Croajingolong tour in October 2014 and we were climbing Mt Everard. It’s not a very big mountain (500 m) but uphill all the way, so we were taking it gently and botanising as we went. The weather was not the best, it was overcast and showery and the strong winds off Bass Straight had been giving us an exciting view of pounding waves from our accommodation at Point Hicks Lighthouse. However, most of the walk was sheltered under the canopy of tall trees, giving an atmosphere of peace and the lovely smell of damp forest.

The understory of the forest was full of flowers, glowing in the diffuse light. Shining red Correa flowers hanging like Christmas bells in the bush, blue Dampiera, purple Patersonia not quite out because the sun wasn’t shining, and pea flowers in every shade from the lemon yellow to deep rusty orange. As we got towards the summit, different flowers appeared including bright blue nodding lilies and a streaked rock orchids.

We were standing on top of a large rock, contemplating the last dash to the trig point, when an extraordinary concert started in the surrounding bush. No less than three lyrebirds started pouring out their songs, each trying to out-sing the others. The effect was stunning, and all plans to move on were abandoned. We just sat down on our rock, got out our lunches, and enjoyed the concert for the next 20 minutes.

The lyrebirds’ mimicry was amazing, all sorts of bird calls mixed up together: whipbirds, kookaburras, currawongs, magpies, cockatoos and many others, some totally accurate and others broken and mixed with other calls. Whipbird calls seemed to be a particular challenge – the pitch was occasionally slightly off – but the calls of yellow-tailed black cockatoos had me looking up in the trees just to check that they hadn’t flown in. We only got a glimpse of one lyrebird darting under a trunk, but we wouldn’t have interrupted the concert for anything.

This is why I keep going on Jenny’s tours - when we come across something special there is always time to stop and look and listen.  This is the second time I have walked Croajingolong, each time there have been different special moments.

Walking Croajingolong

We enjoyed each walk so much it is hard to decide which was the favourite, though walking along the beach on that beautiful warm afternoon, was hard to beat.

One thing I really enjoyed about our walk, and I have told everyone who asked about it,  was that it was a real holiday complete with that carefree sense that the word implies.  We have never done a group holiday before, preferring to arrange it all ourselves independently. However, just turning up every morning after breakfast and allowing the day to unfold, trusting the details to someone else (you) was a great pleasure. All the usual anxieties, about the state of the road, how much food to take,  nasty wet tents, how many more kilometres, are we on the right path etc etc, were absent.
A. Grifffiths  (NSW) 

Performing whales
“Imagine sitting on the front verandah and watching humpback whales "perform" for you! Seeing their tails out of the water (are they standing on their heads?), then gazing in wonder as they lift their bodies out of the water (are they now standing on their tails?).   The delight when two do it together -- so synchronised, seeming so effortless!
Imagine walking alone along a shady track, when the others had opted to return by a different route to the lighthouse, and startling a wallaby grazing next to the track. Even though it bounded into the bushes, it did not go very far and I squatted by the track and "talked" to the wallaby while being regarded with interest and no fear.
Imagine finding scarlet honey eaters feeding in the bottlebrushes right by your bedroom door! Imagine walking to (and up if you so desire) the second highest sand dunes in the southern hemisphere! Imagine unbelievable sunsets, beautiful little bays and sandy beaches. Imagine all this and more if you walk Croajingolong!”   
S. Pritchard (Qld)



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