The Gippsland High Country Tours Newsletters included details about the forthcoming program of ecotours and walks, as well as interesting local or nature news items and entertaining stories from recent participants. The archive of older newsletters contain many articles of interest and these will be uploaded shortly along with an index to articles.

The final Newsletter - Newsletter 45 (Winter 2023) is now available to download (.pdf)

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2023 Winter Newsletter 45 (final) 

  • Farewell by Jenny Lawrence
  • Echidna Walkabout
  • Inala Nature Tours
  • Goldsmiths in the Forest B & B (including comments from guests)
  • Alpine Discovery Tour by Nancy O’Toole
  • Acknowledgements and Thank you
  • Errinundra (poem) by Dorothy Gordon
  • A bit of history and a few highlights by Jenny Lawrence

2022 July Winter Email Update 

2021 May Autumn Email Update 

2020 August Winter Email Update 

2020 March Autumn Email Update 

2019 Autumn 2019 Newsletter 44

  • The imparting of knowledge by Jenny G
  • Ecotourism Hall of Fame – Gippsland High Country Tours, over 20 years of ecotourism certification
  • Alpine Discovery Tour – Joan
  • Special Memories from Walking Croajingolong in Spring by Terry & Christina
  • More Croajingolong Memories – Lesley & Charles
  • Errinundra Nature Tour
  • The colours of Pt Hicks by Ruth Akie
  • High Country memories by Peter Macdonald
  • Bird Week in Snowy River Country by Ruth Akie

2017 Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter 43

  • Victoria’s most endangered marsupial – Rockies on the road to recovery
  • Deddick (poem) by Anne Pickles
  • Point Hicks Lighthouse Tour – highlights by Gil, Cynthia & Cathy
  • Nature Sounds and Birdsong (with Andrew Skeoch) by Ruth Akie
  • Vale John Armit

2016 Spring 2016 Newsletter 42

  • Alpine Walking in Autumn – Mt Feathertop by Tony, Andrew & Vicki
  • High Country Huts beyond Licola by June Torcasio
  • Walking from Waterholes – The last hurrah by Sannie Pritchard
  • Waterholes Guesthouse closed
  • Swans (poem) by Peter Lawrence
  • Nature Notes – Caterpillar excavators
  • Nature Notes – Processionary Caterpillars (reprinted from Newsletter 14)
  • Snowy River Valley bird happenings by Kevin & Joanna
  • Ecotourism and making a contribution

2015 Spring 2015 Newsletter 41

  • Concert on Mt Everard by Anne Pickles
  • The Mallee, the Murray and More by Lana Tinsley
  • Wonderful Waterholes by Dorothy Francis
  • Book Reviews, Tazzie the Turbo Chook and The Boobooks Nook by Sonia Strong
  • Trip to Gabo by Margaret Hallett

2014 Spring 2014 Newsletter 40

  • Peregrine Falcon apartment tower
  • Gabo Island by Nancy O’Toole
  • A tribute to Uncle Albert Mullett
  • The Regent (Smoker) Parrot
  • The Smoker Parrot (a poem) by John Shaw Neilson
  • Desert Peat Pilbara by Yvonne Wong
  • (More opinion peices on the value of our National Parks by Peter Lawrence

2013 Winter 2013 Newsletter 39 

  • Owls and missing  mammals by Rohan Bilney
  • Reflections and highlights from Croajingolong National Park by Dorothy Francis
  • If you don’t fight for what you love, don’t cry for what you lose.
  • At last, a management plan for feral horses
  • Dateline: Innamincka, SA May 2012 by Deborah Campbell
  • Seashore Life: some comments
  • Birds of the Snowy River (a poem) by Josephine Flanagan

2012 Spring 2012 Newsletter 38 

  • Look out for those spots… by Maria Cardoso (Quolls)
  • Our Lives (poem) by Peter Lawrence
  • Shells & Seashore Life by Thelma Bridle
  • Spotted by Jenny

2012 Autumn 2012 Newsletter 37  

  • Feathers, Frogs & Furry Things
  • Comments from various tours
  • Nature Notes – Snake behaviour
  • Remote cameras for wildlife surveys
  • Pt Hicks Lighthouse (poem) by Josephine Flanagan
  • Simple steps to reduce the impact of your paper trail.
  • Black Rainbow Environmentally Responsible Printing

2011 Spring 2011 Newsletter 36  

  • Happy 20th Birthday to Gippsland High Country Tours
  • Mountain Sunrise (poem) by Peter Lawrence
  • Walk Mt Howitt & Tali Karng – Highlights by Maureen, Doug & Steve
  • Point Hicks Lighthouse (poem) by Josephine Flanagan
  • International Year of the Forest
  • Cattle Grazing in Victoria’s Alpine National Park (update)
  • The Nankeen Kestrel by Peter Lawrence

2011 Autumn 2011 Newsletter 35 

  • Southern Ark – giving East Gippsland’s Fauna a Chance by Simon Ruff & Andy Murray
  • Birds of the Snowy River by Pat Macdonald
  • Cattle Grazing in Victoria’s Alpine National Park
  • Nature Notes – A line of ants
  • Nature Notes – Lunch with the Birds
  • Beyond the High Country – Flinders Ranges by Dot Prout

2010 Spring 2010 Newsletter 34

  • Alpine Summer


2010 Autumn 2010 Newsletter 33

  • Wollangarra, young people in high places
  • Snowy River & Errinundra (a poem) by Jo Flanagan
  • Does Alpine Grazing reduce Blazing?
  • Walking from Waterholes, some highlights by Helen, Francine & Pat
  • Tasmania – A Natural History Tour, highlights by John, Lana & Peter
  • Green Travel Leader – Gippsland High Country Tours, Eco-certified for over 10 years

2009 Spring 2009 Newsletter 32

  • Leopard Seal
  • Snowy River and Errinundra Ecotour (poem) by Marian Maddern
  • Special Places by Margaret Tonkin’
  • Wildlife Research News

2009 Autumn 2009 Newsletter 31

  • Birds of the Snowy River by L Tinsley
  • To a Flame Robin Nesting (a poem) by Yvonne Wong
  • Alpine Discovery Tour highlights by Sue, Meg & Yvonne
  • Building Fences (Blaizaid) for bushfire recovery
  • New Year Wonders of Wildlife – post fire wildlife survey, Haunted Stream
  • Weedy Beach Drag ‘em with apologies to the Weedy Sea Dragon, Victoria’s marine emblem!


2008 Spring Newsletter 30

  • Paddle steamer Curlip II by Liz Mitchell
  • In Quest of a Smoky Mouse by “An Idler” (Photos by I Hose & J Heyward)
  • Delightful Suggan Buggan by “Roving Reporter”


2008 Autumn Newsletter 29

  • Highs and Lows – a window into life in the small mining town of Deptford taken from the book ”Bedrock” by Keith McD Fairweather
  • Errinundra by Tineke VanderBaan (Poem)
  • Mt Feathertop Adventure – some highlights
  • Nature notes from Croajingolong by Meredith Debens
  • The Shadow – newsletter of the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Recovery Team
  • The Green Paper Chase – recycled paper


2007 Spring Newsletter 28

  • Croajingolong Calling by Meredith Debens
  • Mud Builders, White-winged Choughs
  • Snowy River & Errinundra Tour by Alison Goding
  • Croajingolong Coastal Ecotour by John & Evelyn Scannell, Alvina Smith & Meredith Debens
  • Book Review – My Cats Garden


2007 Autumn Newsletter 27

  • Report on the 2006-07 bushfires
  • Waterholes Guesthouse bushfire experience
  • Snowy River & Errinundra Explorer Tour by Sannie Pritchard
  • A report of a trip along the Strzelecki Track, SA May 2006 by Alan Monger
  • Strzelecki Safari by Maurice Sexton

2006 Spring Newsletter 26

  • Tingaringy & Errinundra for Walkers by J Kenny
  • Gippsland High Country Tours 15th birthday celebrations and awards
  • Bruny Island, Tasmania by Airdrie Mann
  • Alpine Discovery highlights
  • Wonders of Wildlife Adventure – New Year 2005/2006 by Belinda Heyward


2006 Autumn Newsletter 25

  • Cobberas Wilderness & Cowombat Flat Adventure by Belinda Heyward
  • Croajingolong Coastal Ecotour highlights
  • The story of Percy the Possum by Ruth Flett
  • Nature Notes
  • McKillops Bridge 70th Birthday
  • Proclamation of Black-Allan Line March 2006


2005 Spring Newsletter 24

  • Mt Feathertop Adventure by Coralie Coulson
  • Alpine Discovery Tour & Croajingolong highlights
  • Tasmania – A Natural History Tour


2005 Autumn Newsletter 23

  • Rats? Soft cute Native Rats (Broad-toothed Rat) by Ann Pritchard
  • Walking from Waterholes stories
  • Bushwalking highlights (Tali Karng & Forlorn Hope Plain) Yo Lickerman
  • Book Review – Flames across the Mountains
  • Croajingolong National Park highlights

2004 Spring Newsletter 22

  • Tali Karng Expedition poem by Diana Cross
  • Croajingolong National Park highlights
  • Penguin Problems by J Lawrence
  • 2004 East Gippsland Tourism Awards – Gippsland High Country Tours - winner Ecotourism Award



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